January 12, 2021

Finding Human Connection in Unfamiliar Circumstances

We wanted to start off this post by taking a minute to check in with you. How are things going? Are you feeling tired? Experiencing a lot of stress, or even burnout? If not, we’re happy to hear it. But if so, please know that a) it’s okay to not be okay, and b) you are not alone. In fact, ...

August 10, 2020

Attention, Leaders: Are You Giving Your Remote Workforce the Support They Need?

The world is a different place than it was six months ago. The emergence of COVID-19 caused many organizations worldwide to pivot (almost overnight) to an entirely virtual workforce, leaving leaders to pick up the pieces and quickly figure out how to manage their teams in this new way. And while no one could have anticipated the crises that 2020 ...

August 5, 2020

Leading With Confidence: Top Ten Tips Managers Need to Drive Success

Whether you’re a first-timer or a seasoned veteran, you don’t want to mess up as a manager and let your company or the individuals you manage down. But try as you might to do your best, mistakes are still going to happen. 

July 30, 2020

Things Changed. Are You Prepared to Redeploy Talent?

The virus slammed our whole economy in February, but it had a varied impact on industries and professions.  Virus or no, not all of those working at home wish to go back to the office full time. Many employers aren’t sure they want everyone back due to safety, economic and structural changes. 

July 8, 2020

The Dos & Don’ts of DiSC

It’s been a while since our last DiSC® Basics blog series installment—but with unexpected world events and challenges in the mix, we had to be flexible with our content plan. And that’s okay! Plans change. Life happens. We all adapt. In case you missed it, here’s a nice little refresher on what we’ve covered in our DiSC Basics series so ...

June 30, 2020

Setting the Tone: Four Ways for Selecting & Developing Capable, Confident Leaders

During times of economic uncertainty, shifting work conditions, and global crises, companies need capable leaders that drive results more than ever. They need leaders who can adapt to change, maintain communication, and guide their organizations toward brighter horizons. Organizations need leaders that see a crisis as a challenge and as an opportunity to create something even better than before. So, ...

June 24, 2020

Real Feedback Allows for Real Change: Three Ways to Grow as a Leader

“I’m an excellent leader. I always communicate effectively. I'm a visionary and dedicated to results. And my employees know just how much I appreciate their contributions to the organization.” Really though?

June 1, 2020

Change Starts from the Top: Improving Employee Engagement in Uncertain Times

Coronavirus changed how we work and do business in ways we don’t even know yet. But for all the change going on, one thing hasn’t changed—the need for engaged employees. If anything, organizations require engaged employees now more than ever. Before the virus, employee disengagement levels among American workers reached as high as 70 percent—costing the US economy between $450 and $550 billion per ...

May 26, 2020

Getting to Know YOU: Working from Home

We’re all experiencing extreme disruption in our work lives due to COVID-19. For 80% of those surveyed in Wiley’s recent “Collaborating Virtually” study, one of those disruptions is a new work environment: HOME. Read on to learn how can DiSC® help you deepen self-awareness in this new normal.

May 18, 2020

What Your Personality Tells You About Working Remotely

Whether we’re fans of it or not, working from home has become a reality that’s here to stay—with or without a crisis. While some personalities lend themselves well to working from home, others have a more difficult time adjusting to remote conditions. Regardless of all the questions surrounding the work from home trend, such as, “Will this become the new ...

April 24, 2020

The Managerial Edge: How Engaged Managers Engage Their Employees in Times of Crisis

For employees to engage with their work—especially during a time of crisis—they need attentive managers to help them meet their professional needs. In this post, we explore several steps managers can take to engage their employees, along with how PXT Select™ can help.

April 14, 2020

A Quick Guide for Effective Behavioral Interviewing

We provide you the tools to be a behavioral interviewing expert.  You can quickly increase your ability to find the right person the first time.  Check out our events page to see what is coming up.  Download our 6 page interviewing guide here.

April 6, 2020

Managing Rapid Change Through Employee Engagement

When was there ever a period in history without at least some level of uncertainty? But now more than ever, that uncertainty seems to have spread to almost every aspect of life and work. We’re experiencing times of tremendous change, and that requires us to think differently about how we lead and manage others. These circumstances require us to think about how we can engage our ...

March 5, 2020

Puzzled by Employee Engagement? Here’s What You Can Do to Improve It.

Click! There it is. You open your inbox, and another finished project greets you—courtesy of your rock star team. As you lean back in your chair, you smile and think, “Wow, my team is on a roll.” And maybe they are. But do finished projects and completed deadlines really indicate full engagement? Not exactly. Although everything on the outside seems ...

February 6, 2020

Engaging Employees Is Hard Work—Here’s the Secret to It

Picture yourself smiling and shaking the hand of a new employee on their first day of work. You’re excited because, well, you hired them. They could be a completely new hire or someone who moved to your team from within the company. Regardless, imagine you feel pretty good about them. After all, they came to you with an impressive resume, ...

December 9, 2019

Shining a Light on the Unknown

Thousands of years ago, our ancestors discovered an innovation that changed the course of history—fire. Not only did fire allow people to cook their food (rendering asparagus slightly more palatable), it enabled humans to dispel the darkness and identify threats lurking in the shadows. Fire led to security. And from a place of security, humanity thrived. Although humans no longer rely solely ...

November 11, 2019

Top Four Reasons Why Good Employees Quit & How to Fix Those Leaks

When you approach the task of fixing a leaky pipe, you first need to know where the leak originates and what’s causing it. Understanding the core of the issue allows you to take definitive action towards correcting it. Skip the investigative phase, disregard the root of the problem, and you’ll be running around as your house fills with water. No ...

October 18, 2019

What CEOs Can Do to Rethink Their Talent Strategy

According to a recent survey, CEOs on a worldwide scale cited attracting and retaining talent as their top concern. 93% of CEOs report they either recognize the need to change or have taken steps to modify their strategies for attracting and retaining talent. While CEOs are aware of global challenges inherent to the changing talent landscape, they often feel unsure about ...

September 23, 2019

Employer/Employee Breakups are the Worst

How Having a Talent Management Strategy Helps Avoid Them “I’m so sorry, but it’s just not working out.” Those breakup words are nothing anyone wants to hear in their dating lives. But, in a professional setting, they can be equally—and in some cases more—concerning and frustrating. Each time an organization drops this phrase in a discussion with one of its ...

August 28, 2019

Creating a Scalable Plan for Talent Selection & Development

A Texas-based credit union turned to the PXT Select™ to create a workforce that grows with its membership. Behavioral interviewing skills help leaders improve decision making. You and other managers who interview will benefit from this technique.  Invite them.  Bring a wi-fi device to access the internet and Kirk Young will show you how to structure a behavioral interview for any job ...

May 10, 2019

Why the Pre-Hire Process is Really About Planning

Think about the last time you ventured out to find a new job. Did you come across postings that seemed as though they were written a decade ago? You know what we’re talking about, right? It’s not that the job descriptions are entirely out of date, though sometimes they are. It’s more that what was once an emerging skillset is ...

February 8, 2019

Don’t let skilled interviewers fool you. Assess for job fit.

The PXT Select™ Comprehensive Selection Report helps you make smarter hiring decisions with confidence. This is the primary report used for candidate selection. Providing a thorough view of candidate data, the report focuses on Candidate Fit, Performance Model, and Interview Questions. These three areas equip you with data to determine if a candidate is a good fit for the job. ...

November 29, 2018

Don’t Be Fooled: Interview for Leadership Strengths & Challenges

"Not everyone is cut out to lead.  Assess for leadership strengths." The new PXT Select™ Leadership Report gives unique insights into the approach each person naturally brings to different leadership capabilities.  It gives you powerful details on how a person leads.  You will want it for deep interviews and coaching. That gives our clients 13 different reports, at no extra ...