Top Four Reasons Why Good Employees Quit & How to Fix Those Leaks

When you approach the task of fixing a leaky pipe, you first need to know where the leak originates and what’s causing it. Understanding the core of the issue allows you to take definitive action towards correcting it. Skip the investigative phase, disregard the root of the problem, and you’ll be running around as your house fills with water. No one wants that in their home, let alone their place of work.

So, imagine your organization’s talent pool as a leaky pipe. Regardless of its culture, every organization experiences turnover. And when it happens, that turnover costs time, money, and productivity. Although you might not be able to stop capable employees from leaving your organization indefinitely (after all, people retire… seriously, they do. You’ll get there too), you can prevent high turnover by locating the source of the issue.
But where do you start replacing leaky pipes in your talent management system without breaking the bank? Again, start by understanding the source of the leak. If you know why people leave, you can act to prevent it.

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