What CEOs Can Do to Rethink Their Talent Strategy

According to a recent survey, CEOs on a worldwide scale cited attracting and retaining talent as their top concern. 93% of CEOs report they either recognize the need to change or have taken steps to modify their strategies for attracting and retaining talent. While CEOs are aware of global challenges inherent to the changing talent landscape, they often feel unsure about how to approach these obstacles.

For all their uncertainty, 61% of CEOs admit they have yet to address their talent concerns by implementing an effective talent management strategy. Building a workforce equipped to tackle the challenges of today and tomorrow requires leadership to fundamentally rethink talent strategy. In the end, an organization’s ability to drive results rests in the power of its people. But if those people feel unmotivated to stay, fail to engage with their work, or just don’t fit the position, the ship is sunk.

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